Mike Michalowicz. My Money Bunnies

Congratulations to Mike Michalowicz on the release of his with book, and first children’s book: “My Money Bunnies” Mike Michalowicz is a small business author and speaker. His company exists to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. I have known Mike for the past decade, and as Mike has continued to invest and pour into me, and my
A question I receive often from many small business leaders is this: Which is the MOST important when it comes to growing and leading a small business, people or profit? The reality of this question is you cannot have one without the other. A small business does not operate without people, period. People play the
Want to know a secret? I stopped setting goals and New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Have you ever set a goal for yourself and not accomplished it? I have.  Have you ever justified and rationalized why it was okay that you did not meet your goal? I have. Why does this happen, and
Hola soy Mateo Shoup, o en íngles Matt Shoup. Soy un padre, esposo, hombre familiar, emprendedor, autor, presentador, coach empresarial, aficionado de España, y un cinturón marron de jiu jitsu. Este serie de videos es completamente gratis, y estuvó creado para empresarios. En estos videos de coaching empresarial gratis, respondo a las preguntas más preguntadas
I am a keynote speaker for small business and speak on the topic of marketing and how to market to grow your business. Most entrepreneurs have been taught wrong when it comes to marketing. Business is as simple as humans serving humans. Understand humans, understand business. In this free small business coaching session of 3

How I Found My Purpose

We get one shot to live life and live it well. Finding purpose and significance is a journey we all take as humans. When I found mine, it completely changed the trajectory of my life. Finding my purpose was no easy task; it was and still continues to be a journey. Things have been revealed
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How to Close More Sales

Entrepreneurs must sell something for business to happen. We sell a vision, an idea, a product or a service. Creating an environment where sales happen and the sales mentality is ingrained in the company culture is required for a business to thrive. Here is one simple way to close more sales and to get the

What is Your Unique Gift?

You have a unique and special gift that you and only you bring to the world. Do you know what it is? There is power in your story that when captured and communicated can change the lives of others for the better. Have you found it? The world is flooded with information and things that
Entrepreneurs hear voices. Some inspire and empower us. Some are nasty, uninspiring, and ultimately take us off our journey of moving towards purpose and success. Being an entrepreneur is an uphill battle and an amazing, inspiring adventure all at the same time! As we take that journey, make sure you never listen to these nasty

What Drives You as an Entrepreneur?

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs are driven. What we do on a daily basis, many view as insane.  We push the limits everyday, take risks, and assume the consequences.  Here is a quick question to ponder as we do this. What drives you as an entrepreneur?  Last week, I wrote a blog discussing the