Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is growth and beauty right outside of your comfort zone. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in relation to growing as it applies to life, leadership and business, is to explore what is just on the other side of my comfort zone. The issue lies in the fact that all people, me
Who are you responsible for leading?  Who are you responsible for investing in?  Who are you responsible for providing for?  Who are you responsible for elevating, encouraging, and driving towards the best version of themselves?  This could be in life, leadership, business, family, community, and other relationships. How are you leading them, encouraging them and
How many times in your life, leadership, business, or relationships have you been on the verge of breakthrough? You stand at the edge ready to take a massive leap into greatness. You vividly envision your life, your business, your relationships at their peak level of purpose, passion, impact, happiness and level 10 of excellence. You

Your Goals Should Scare You

On the morning of March 4, 2022, I was sitting at the Oh La La Café in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, enjoying a cup of delicious Spanish coffee (café con leche). This café is owned by Javier, a great friend of mine who I have gotten to know over many years. Spain is a big
It was a hot and sunny Spanish afternoon in Andalucía, Spain. At 1:13 p.m., the red-hot sun was directly above us, beating down on the southern coast, and I was taking it all in. Music was blasting and café con leche was coursing through my veins; I was in my happy place! Hailey and I
In 2002, I went on an adventure that would forever change my life. At what I thought was the end this adventure, I realized it was just the beginning. For 20 years I have been on a continued adventure with, and carried in my heart a deep love and passion for, Spain. I know this
When you decide to stand for something, put yourself out there and/or create a change in your life, your business and your leadership, people will respond to you. This blog is a follow up from my Christmas blog titled Turn Anger Into Appreciation. Click here to watch. One of the most beautiful and uplifting things

Turn Anger into Appreciation

IN 2005, I was broke, I was broken, I was angry, and then I got fired from a job I hated. I had $100 left to my name and was six figures in debt. I was at rock bottom. I made some decisions that day. I decided I would never wear a tie to work,
Take some time to determine and share your values and WHY you make the decisions you do. How do you use these values to inspire the people around you.

Be Intentional With Your Time

A small business owner I am coaching recently asked me this: “Matt, how are you so successful, and how do you get so much done in a day? It seems like you have 127 hours in a day, and I only have 24.” Here was my response to him and my challenge to you. I