How to Succeed in Small Business

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Jiu Jitsu, here is the objective: Two opponents face off with each other and start a fight standing up. The goal is to take your opponent to the ground using some kind of throw, takedown, or redirection of their energy. Once on the ground, your task
When we decided to take our company’s leadership team to Spain for a weeklong leadership immersion retreat, we knew there would be a lot of planning involved.  In the months leading up to our Ultimate Immersion Experience, the planning team, consisting of my wife, Emily, Marketing and Events Manager, Danielle, and Executive Assistant, Frances, spent

Tips on How to Close More Sales

I remember the first time I sold something. It was 1990 and I was nine years old. Our family just moved to Loveland Colorado from New Jersey. It was the summer, and all I could think about was buying a boombox. Not just any boombox, but the new and improved boombox now sporting a CD
If you are an entrepreneur and business owner, chances are you have asked the question: What is the best method of marketing to grow my business? As a business coach, I have had the chance to meet with many entrepreneurs and help them with their marketing strategies over the years. The short answer to the

How to Win Business Awards

I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for 20 years. I have had many entrepreneurs reach out to me for business help, and/or to hire me as a business coach. One of the first questions I always get relates to the best returns on investment when it comes to marketing and advertising. One of
My son, Riley, and I recently hiked the last 72 miles of the Camino de Santiago. This week’s blog is part of a series titled: Leadership Lessons from the Camino de Santiago.  Riley and I began our hike on day 1 filled with excitement and energy to spend the next 6 days hiking to Santiago
This week’s blog is part of an ongoing series titled: Leadership Lessons from the Camino de Santiago. Check out the last two blogs in this series: Leadership Lessons from the Camino de Santiago. A Small Act of Kindness Can Bring Massive Joy to Others. I have been in touch with several close friends over the
I recently hiked the last 115 km/72 miles of the Camino de Sanitago in Spain with my son, Riley.  This adventure was filled with many memories that Riley and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Along this 6-day journey we learned many lessons that I promised I would share and expand on
I just returned from Spain from a three-week adventure with my son, Riley. It was an adventure filled with fun, sun, cuisine, culture, and some much-needed father-son time. One of the highlights of our three weeks in Spain was a 6-day, 72-mile hike on the Camino de Santiago. We hiked the last 115 km (72