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Being an entrepreneur fills my mind, calendar and life with the things I must master and lead others to master. Some of these things are: Sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, conflict resolution, public speaking, public relations, human resources, hiring, firing, social media and the list goes on. One of the things that can slip through the cracks is the evaluation of the “Business is a two way street” value.

I was sitting with Eric Cooper, my Rockstar right hand man months ago sharing a value that I run by in business and life. Business is a two way street. As I was sharing this with him, he made a great and impactful comment. He said “Your customers should be as honored to do business with you as you are to do business with them and serve them”. Are your customers, vendors, and team members just as honored to work with you as you are to serve them? Are you just as honored to serve and work for your team, vendors and customers as they are to work with you?

Business boils down to humans serving humans. Whether it is your company providing a service to a customer in exchange for money, or it is a vendor of your company serving your company with a product of service that you pay them for, the value is always the same. Both sides of the human to human interaction should be appreciative, honored, and thankful that each are working together. Each human in the interaction brings value to the other.

In my years in business, the best, longest lasting, and most loyal relationships (whether customer to company, company to team member, company to vendor) are built and continue when both sides of the transaction are thankful and appreciative of the other. They express this thankfulness and gratitude often and never take each other for granted.

If your company is not as thankful and grateful to a customer for their business as your customer is to your company, they may fire you! If your company continues to serve and work for a customer who is not grateful for what your company does, it may be time to fire them! Your company may have a vendor who is serving you and takes your business for granted. Do you have a team member who is excited and honored to serve you and a sincere appreciation is long overdue?

Run this question through all of the human to human interactions in your company. Make needed adjustments so that all people involved are appreciated for what they do to serve, for their time, their money, their effort, their skills and their dedication.

12 Comments to “ Business is a Two Way Street”

  1. Bob McDougal says :Reply

    Matt, great blog and great wording that all humans in the business world should take to heart. As this follows our conversation about business in 2014 and moving forward as partners, I hope we are showing you and your employees the appreciation you speak about here. If in our conversation, my comments or enthusiasm did not relay that to you over the phone, I want you to know that we are extremely thankful and appreciative in doing business with you and the rest of your staff. Thank you for sending this out. It is great to receive a refresher to remind me of the things that are most important in daily business and life.

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Bob, I really enjoyed our conversation and know you guys love us. We love you too and value your support and service of our company. Looking forward to 2014 and beyond with you.

  2. Mitch O’Hare says :Reply

    Totally agree. We just politely and professionally asked a client to move her accounts to another firm. She has been rude to me for years but was recently rude to my staff and that was the last straw. We will not tolerate this behavior from clients at all in the future. I am glad to see more businesses do this.

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Firing a customer is always the last option, but 100% is an option. WHen we have done this in the past it shows our team that we care, and that they are more important than money. We fired one this year, and the whole team was very happy about it.

  3. Well put Matt. It’s a challenge to turn away from additional business but at times a necessary act. As a cautionary tale, I’ve had prospects, that from the outset seemed ill of nature, yet became loyal customers. I try now to give some clients the benefit of the doubt and award a second chance at redemption.As I would hope they might do with me should I slip up. Alas, if a negative exchange persists, I agree wholeheartedly that you need to move on.

    Good stuff. Keep penning it.

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Thanks Mark, I appreciate your comments. This is always a tight line to walk. I absolutely believe in second, and even third chances. In my experiences, you just know when it is time to cut ties if you need to. I appreciate you and your comments. I will keep these coming weekly.

  4. Wayne Wright says :Reply

    Nice blog Matt! We often work so hard to sell and serve our customers and people and forget that it is indeed a two way street. We also need to be appreciated and respected by our people and customers or it may be time to part ways.

    Blessings and a uccess in 2014!

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Wayne, hope you are excellent, have a wonderful year. Feel free to pass this blog to anybody who could benefit form it.

  5. Glenn says :Reply

    Great articlec very true. Reminds me of one of Stephen Coveys 7 habits, think win win.

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Thanks Glenn, I appreciate the support.

  6. Matt,
    Just wanted to echo your comments on the Business Is a Two Way Street. Those of us in business for ourselves, being an active part of our community, caring deeply about our clients and going the extra mile every time are honored by people like you who spend the time and effort to do what you do.. ie inspire your employees, your customers and business professionals you know and work with. Time is a luxury that’s hard to find these days, so thank you for honoring the creative and inventive side of business life for all!! BTW, I referred 2 clients of mine to you in the last couple months.

    1. Matt Shoup says :Reply

      Chris, thank you so much for you kind words. I appreciate you and your business as well as your appreciation for what I am doing. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

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