Become An Award Winning Company

frontcover_2012_web_smallBecome an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.



IMG_3322-EditHow nice would it be to have customers chasing you down for your products and services instead of the other way around?  Are you tired of wasting and spending money on marketing for your business that does not work?  Are you frustrated watching other companies gain millions of dollars of free marketing and PR exposure and watching their brands explode with ease (yes, this does happen)?  How would you benefit from networking with other award wining CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners from all across the country?

If you could discover and apply a simple, fast and certain system to start winning business awards today, what would this do for your company? What would it mean if you could win and leverage these awards to attain all the goals discussed above?

Look no further than the book "Become an Award Winning Company".  Matt Shoup published this book in 2011 after spending years in the trenches of business and marketing doing it all the wrong way.  Matt stumbled upon the awards world in 2009, and then quickly elevated his company and personal brand to rockstar status by creating a simple and easy system to win business awards.  Download his FREE workbook here.

Here is a video of Matt speaking about the concept and book here back in 2011:

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[acc_item title="Ken McElroy"]

“This book was written by a self made hard working entrepreneur, Matt Shoup. If you want to discover specific steps to building your award winning business – stop looking. This book will give you great insight to an often difficult process of making your customers “spread the word” about your product or business!”

- CEO of MC Companies & Author of The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Sleeping Giant, Rich Dad’s Advisors: The ABC’s of Property Management, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, Rich Dad’s Advisors: The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, Rich Dad’s: The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing

[acc_item title="Mike Michalowicz"]

“You think it would be obvious… the million dollar secret to entrepreneurial success is to become an award winning company. In other words, be your industry’s best. Matt’s book teaches you the 7 simple steps to get there. And I suggest my own first step… get Matt’s book.

-Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan

[acc_item title="JB Kellogg"]

“Not only is this book amazing and unmatched in the business world, but it is completely relevant. Matt gives the step-by-step process to make this happen in your business. The workbook really did make his success mine by forcing me to jump in and make it happen. This book leaves you with a game plan and an action list for success.”

- Co-founder of Madwire Media