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What Drives You as an Entrepreneur?

What Do You Focus on as an EntrepreneurThere is no doubt that entrepreneurs are driven. What we do on a daily basis, many view as insane.  We push the limits everyday, take risks, and assume the consequences.  Here is a quick question to ponder as we do this. What drives you as an entrepreneur?  Last week, I wrote a blog discussing the successful traits of an entrepreneur. It is one thing to possess one or more traits of a successful entrepreneur, yet another to have one of those traits be your motivation.

Last week, I had a good friend ask me what was in my box. He said, if I were to be known for and have one thing that drove me in life and business, what would it be?

What drives us will be our focus, and what our focus is will be our destiny and legacy.  Are you focused on people, passion, purpose, or profits? If you were to have only one thing in your business and life you could focus on, which one would it be?  Do you believe that focusing on one would allow all the others to follow?  Do you believe focusing on one would hinder the other? Be intentional about what you focus on and what is in your box.

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About the Author
I exist to inspire and ignite entrepreneurs to own and and run their organizations with excellence. I do so by speaking, coaching and writing books. When I am not building my business, I enjoy training, coaching and competing in Jiu Jitsu, traveling and living in Spain, and spending lots of time with my family. In all I do, I am always enjoying a cup of Café con Leche.
  1. Prosper Show Reply

    As an entrepreneur, we all need an inspiration. It might be from other professionals we looked up to or from our family. This inspiration will serve as a goal also. And it’s always been the success of the business we’re always aiming for because it means success also to other people who gives us the drive to do better in our own chosen career.

    • Matt Shoup Reply

      Inspiration combined with practical action steps is key. Thanks for the comment.

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