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Social Media and Facebook Etiquette

sf_socialintroBusiness follows where the eyes and attention go. In 2016, it is clear that people’s eyes, attention and focus is facedown in their phone, tablet, and computer, cruising and browsing social media. As a business learns how to correctly capture people’s attention, receive permission to speak to, start a conversation with, and ultimately create a customer on and through social media, understanding proper social media etiquette must happen.

You and your company never want to be “that guy”, “that gal” or “that company” making a wrong move on social media for billions of eyes to see.

As I share an analogy and a couple of suggestions, I find that I myself have been guilty of being “that guy.”

Let’s use the example of Facebook.

You walk into a bar filled with your “friends”. Some you know very well and have deep relationships with, some are “acquaintances”. Some cannot enter the bar with you because you have “blocked” them and locked them out.

As you walk into the bar, you make a statement for all of your friends to see, starting a conversation. Facebook allows all of your friends to see this conversation and gives them the ability to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions regarding your comment.

Facebook and social media have changed the way people have conversations. That being said, there are still a few points of communication etiquette one must follow. This etiquette applies in 2016 on Facebook, just as it did in 1900 when conversations were had face to face.

  • Are you relevant to speak into this person’s life or conversation?
  • Do you have permission to speak into this person’s life or conversation?
  • If you enter a conversation between two or three people, are you aware of the conversation that they have been having today, last week, or the degree of their relationship, as you get ready to make a “comment”?
  • Does your opinion really matter?
  • Does your opinion matter to the people you are sharing it with?
  • Are you making someone’s life better when you speak?

Social media is a powerful communication tool that can bring massive value to lives and help you build a massive company. This can only happen when used correctly.

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I exist to inspire and ignite entrepreneurs to own and and run their organizations with excellence. I do so by speaking, coaching and writing books. When I am not building my business, I enjoy training, coaching and competing in Jiu Jitsu, traveling and living in Spain, and spending lots of time with my family. In all I do, I am always enjoying a cup of Café con Leche.

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