Want to know a secret? I stopped setting goals and New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Have you ever set a goal for yourself and not accomplished it? I have.  Have you ever justified and rationalized why it was okay that you did not meet your goal? I have. Why does this happen, and more importantly, who do you really let down when this happens?

The truth is, as humans we are okay letting ourselves down but we will not let others down.  We make excuses that personal failure is okay, but we will not fail others.  We justify that achieving 80% of our goal is better than 70%, even though it was not 100%. What about when somebody is counting on you, is this still okay?

Instead of setting goals for yourself, create and make promises, commitments and outcomes for others. Instead of losing 20 lbs for yourself, commit to your spouse and children that losing 20lbs keeps you healthier for them. Instead of setting a goal to double your income for yourself, commit to your family that twice as much money creates a better financial family tree and legacy for them.

Start off 2018 by making a commitment to your spouse, children, team members, the families that you and your company support, the young person you mentor, your grandparents, or parents; who ever this is for you, tell them what you are doing in 2018 and then go do it.  You will not let them down.

What do you commit to and who will you commit to in 2018?

Hola soy Mateo Shoup, o en íngles Matt Shoup. Soy un padre, esposo, hombre familiar, emprendedor, autor, presentador, coach empresarial, aficionado de España, y un cinturón marron de jiu jitsu. Este serie de videos es completamente gratis, y estuvó creado para empresarios. En estos videos de coaching empresarial gratis, respondo a las preguntas más preguntadas de los clientes que sirvo. Me los respondo con ánimo, inspiración y consejos practicales que puedes llevar a tu empresa hoy. Siempre lo hago con menos pelo, más calvo y bien cafeinado todos los días.

I am a keynote speaker for small business and speak on the topic of marketing and how to market to grow your business. Most entrepreneurs have been taught wrong when it comes to marketing. Business is as simple as humans serving humans. Understand humans, understand business. In this free small business coaching session of 3 minutes with Matt, I share why it is important to market your mistakes. I shared my painted baby story. You have one too. What is it? Capture, craft, and communicate it. Doing so will build real trust with your clients, team and community.

What is Your Unique Gift?

gift_ss_imgYou have a unique and special gift that you and only you bring to the world.  Do you know what it is? There is power in your story that when captured and communicated can change the lives of others for the better. Have you found it?

The world is flooded with information and things that keep us tied up and too busy to look within ourselves and find our unique gift within our story. Make time for yourself.  Get real with yourself.  To discover who you are, why you exist and what value you bring to others, you must first decide who you are not.

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